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Joon-goo HAN, M.D
Since it was founded in May 1980, the KSUM has developed steadily thanks to the devoted efforts of the board members who came before me as well as the continuous active interest and participation of our members. The role of the KSUM is to contribute to developing various techniques in ultrasound and help all doctors practicing ultrasound to become more familiar with and improve their skills in an endeavor to improve our capacity for qualitative patient care.

Today, the medical environment, trends, and policies around us are evolving dramatically. With the support of the new board members, I will continue to advance the various projects that were launched by my predecessors. I will provide sufficient support on the society level to realize our long-awaited goal to have our journal, Ultrasonography, indexed in SCI(E), which the KSUM has persisted in pursuing over the years despite difficult conditions. I look forward to fulfilling this task as I believe it will play a crucial role in enhancing our academic standing at home and abroad.

I will seek ways to increase the number of new lifetime members each year to build a larger membership base. I will also establish a KSUM ultrasound certification system and develop more educational opportunities, including online education programs, to expand the basis on which our members and doctors may study and further their knowledge on their own.

Various societies and doctors have been launching ultrasound related societies recently, but the KSUM, with 40 years of history, will continue to assume our role as the most credible and professional leader in the field by setting an example for other societies and working with them to promote national health. In addition, I will make an effort so that the policies and resources of the KSUM may help in the formulation of ultrasound-related national policies. I will also cooperate with the KSUM Academy For Education (KAFE), established in 2017, to further strengthen ultrasound education programs that it offers to its members and doctors, and actively collaborate with the academy to develop and implement international education programs in addition to the local initiatives.

The KSUM will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of our society in 2020. I will strive to make the KSUM attain a level of maturity and responsibility befitting our age so that we may become an exemplary role model for the late-comers of our field. I will firmly push forward with the advancement of our society in full trust of the competence and dedication of the new board of directors and the KSUM members. Meanwhile, I will also always leave my ears open to your suggestions, and try to actively reflect good propositions.

Dear honorable members,

The efforts of the board of directors alone are not sufficient to solve the various issues and successfully carry out the numerous tasks at hand. I ask for the support and encouragement of the KSUM members as well as your active interest and cooperation in the society’s affairs so that we may grow even more. I wish you and your family’s health and peace.

Thank you.

Jae Joon Jung