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Joon-goo HAN, M.D
Since foundation in May 1980 with radiologists at the core, our association has developed steadily, and now doctors with various specialties participate as members. Ultrasound has a variety of features from a simple function of screening to the state-of-the-art imaging equipment. The role of our society is to develop such features of ultrasound while doctors who use ultrasound can be in harmony. Furthermore, we have a role to set up a base so that every doctor who use and study ultrasound, hospitals, universities, and industrial researchers who develop and manufacture ultrasound machines can cooperate organically. By sharing our professional ability with medical community and government agencies, our society must be able to play an active role in making national health promotion policy.

Because our society is based on ultrasound imaging equipment, we find it difficult to pursuit our default policy in different ways from other associations. Difficulty has been added since medical environment around us has been changed rapidly in uncertain and in adverse direction. The future role of our association is expanding just as the development of the past, and now we are in the situation that must be actively and appropriately dealt with to the surrounding environment. The society board members will do our utmost to satisfy our members by securing a prominent presence both at home and abroad and operating harmonious society.

The tasks ahead of us should be accomplished in ways former chairman worked while coping actively with the changing environment. The most important academic task is registration of our journal ‘Ultrasonography’ to SCI, which former chairman has strongly pushed. This task will play a crucial role in strengthening the status of our society both at home and abroad. We will lead the 13th AFSUMB (Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology) in 2018 successfully and improve the status of our society. While strengthening the status of the journal and globalizing the symposium, we will look for additional academic activities helpful for Asian countries. Domestically, we will try to set up a base for cooperation between industries and universities and collaborative study with other societies. We will discover more affiliated societies. As political tasks, we should proceed the settlement of ultrasound certification system smoothly which needs to be updated next year and share the system with other ultrasound societies which has progressed since previous term of office. Diversification and globalization of educational programs including cyber education is also an important task. In terms of promoting public health, we will try to maintain harmony with other ultrasound societies and help national decision-making process.

Dear colleagues!

For these tasks to be completed successfully, I ask for your active participation in society works with generous advice and encouragement. Furthermore, it will be possible when the members are full of trust and cooperation. I ask the unsparing love and attention of members once again.

I hope your family and workplace filled with happiness and prosperity.

Thank you.

Won Jae LEE, M.D.