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Guideline for the KSUM Fellowship
December 20 , 2019
1. Objectives
The objectives of the fellowship are to enhance medical ultrasound-related research and clinical practice by training applicants in Korean academic institutions. And it is also to contribute to the distribution and improvement of medical ultrasound in the world, encouraging mutual understanding as well as scientific cooperation.
2. Administration of the Fellowship
The fellowship will be administered under the rules of KSUM Fellowship as decided at KSUM.

(1) Responsibilities of KSUM
KSUM will be responsible for the following matters regard to clinical training and/or research in Korea:
1) Selection of recipients.
2) Assistance in finding an appropriate institution for the candidate.
3) Giving a grant for the fellowship.
4) Issue of certificate in completion of clinical training and/or research after receiving a related report from the recipient.

(2) Responsibilities of affiliated societies
Affiliated societies shall be responsible for the followings:
1) Advertisement,
2) Distribution of this information.
3) Letter of recommendation when requested by the applicants.
3. Institutions for Clinical Training
Department of Radiology in National, public or private institutions in Korea, including universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories (etc.) which are able to receive recipients.
4. Term and Period for Clinical Training
(1) The term for clinical training shall be from 2 weeks in principle.
(2) The period of clinical training shall not be altered in principle.
(3) It is highly recommended (not obligation) to stay in Korea during the period including the annual congress of KSUM (KSUM Open) that is held in May each year.
5. Field of Clinical Training
Clinical training shall be in the field of medical ultrasound.
6. Numbers of Recipients
Up to ten recipients may be accepted every calendar year.
7. Requirements of Recipients
(1) Age: Recipients may be up to 40 years of age.
(2) Career: Recipients must be specialists with sufficient training and experience in medical ultrasound who have graduated
from medical colleges.
(3) Language: Recipients must use fluent English or Korean to enable them to complete the clinical training and/or research.
(4) Interest in KSUM: Priorities are given to applicants with KSUM International Membership and/or prior attendance at KSUM Annual Meetings.
8. Duties of Recipients
(1) During the period of clinical training and/or research, recipients must obey Korean law, should cooperate with teachers
and related personnel, and should make every effort to achieve the objectives of the fellowship.
(2) On completion of the period of clinical training and/or research, recipients should submit a related report to the office of
KSUM at their earliest convenience.
(3) Immediately on completion of clinical training and/or research, recipients are obliged to leave Korea for their home country
where they should contribute to the general improvement of medical ultrasound.
(4) The recipients are responsible for arrangement of their accommodation during the training period in Korea.
9. Grant for Recipient
The grant should cover the expenses for lodging, air-fare and minimum cost of living. (US $ 2,000 for 2weeks training period)
10. The deadline for submission should be before September 30, 2019. The application arriving later than the deadline will
not be considered. The names of the recipients will be announced directly to applicants by email no later than October 31, 2019.
11. Societies in Charge of Reception and Administration (Administration/Reception Office)
- In Korea:
The Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, A-304 Mapo Trapalace, 53 Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu Seoul 04158, Korea.
- Telephone: 822-763-5627
- Fax: 822-763-6909
- E-mail: office@ultrasound.or.kr
- Homepage: http://www.ultrasound.or.kr
- In the recipient's home country: The respective Affiliated Society.
KSUM and the Affiliated Society shall each appoint one individual to oversee the Fellowship, seeing that the training or
research proceeds smoothly and in a responsible manner. The responsible party in Korea will be a member of the International
Liaisons Committee of KSUM.
12. Addendum
Any problem or issue not covered in these Guidelines shall be resolved by amicable and mutual discussion between both parties.