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Korean Society of Medical Ultrasound (KSMU) was founded in 1980 when the number of physicians using diagnostic ultrasound started to increase since its first usage in 1978. The objectives of KSMU were to achieve academic progress in using medical ultrasound and to facilitate communication among its members. At that time, the World Federation of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) already existed, and in order to apply for a membership, founding of KSMU was necessary.

Following the suggestions of Chu-Wan KIM, who was the leading figure in medical ultrasound in Korea, the inaugural meeting of KSMU took place on May 10, 1980 at Seoul National University Hospital with 149 attendees including radiologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, surgeons, and cardiologists. In that meeting, Dr. Chu-Wan KIM was elected as President, and Dr. Byung Ihn CHOI as Secretary for General Affairs. Thereafter, annual meetings took place with scientific presentations, scientific exhibitions, and postgraduate educational courses.
In June 1987, KSMU, together with the Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine (JSUM), founded the Asian Federation for Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (AFSUMB), and the inaugural meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan followed by the second meeting in 1989 in Bali, Indonesia.

The 1985 annual meeting of the Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine in Kobe, Japan. In this meeting, the preparatory meeting for the inaugural meeting of the Asian Federation for Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine was held, and Dr. Chu-Wan KIM (3rd from the right) was elected as the vice president of the federation.
From 1989, scientific activities of KSMU expanded to holding biannual meetings, one in May in provincial regions and the other in November in Seoul.
The 3rd AFSUMB meeting took place in Seoul, Korea in August 1992, with 1600 participants from 15 countries. This 3rd meeting in Seoul was appreciated as a turning point for the AFSUMB that validated its status as an international academic society meeting. The AFSUMB was officially affiliated to the WFUMB on January 1, 1992 as the largest federation in that body.