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KSUM has already been established as a successful medical society focused on the theme of “single medical device”
in Korea. We have decided to become international to have more opportunities for growth.
The society organized the meeting under the name of “KSUM 2010 Open” where it continued its efforts to introduce inno
-vation and enthusiasm in ultrasound to open a new chapter in the field.

KSUM shared this meaningful occasion with our international colleagues, especially members of affiliated societies of Asian
Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (AFSUMB). KSUM has continued its discussion on its future
vision, focusing on the qualifications of doctors for ultrasound examination, education programs, and resources.

KSUM’s vision is to be an active international society serving to improve ultrasound education, support research, promote
the importance of ultrasound, and build a good relationship with radiologists and ultrasound societies worldwide. We will
strive to become a leading international ultrasound medical society of East Asia in the future.
KSUM 30th Anniversary &Annnual Congress
KSUM Open 2019
May 2(Thu) - 4(Sat), 2019, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2018 (AFSUMB 2018)
May 23(Wed) - 26(Sat), 2018, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2017
May 26(Fri) - 27(Sat), 2017, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2016
May 20(Fri) - 21(Sat), 2016, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2015
May 15(Fri) - 16(Sat), 2015, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2014
May 23(Fri) - 24(Sat), 2014, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2013
May 24(Fri) - 25(Sat), 2013, Coex, Seoul, Korea
Joint congress of medical Ultrasound in Seoul
May 11(Fri) - 13(Sun), 2012, Coex, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2011
May 20(Fri) - 21(Sun), 2011, Coex Hall, Seoul, Korea
KSUM Open 2010
May 14(Fri) - 15(Sat), 2010, Coex GranBallroom, Seoul, Korea