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Much academic knowledge and experience had been exchanged and accumulated among our members during the first three years after the foundation of KSUM, and the need arose to publish a new scientific journal focused on medical ultrasound by KSUM. The inaugural issue of the Journal from KSUM was published with two review articles and 17 original articles in December 1982.

The first editor was Professor Byung Ihn Choi, who was the Secretary of KSUM. A total of 20-25 articles were published annually until 1989. From 1989, the journal had become biannual, and contained 20-25 articles, letter-to-the editor, and abstracts of articles published by KSUM members. A supplement of scientific exhibits presented at the congress was also added in these issues. The Journal became a quarterly since 1997 under the name of ’Journal of Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine’, and 10-15 articles had been published in each issue.

December 1982(Inaugural Issue)


December 1999


September 2009

Changes in the design of three different cover pages of the Journal of KSUM
After many zealous discussions and debates on the present and future academic rigor and global status of the KSUM, the Board of Directors decided to convert the domestic journal to an international publication. For better accessibility, the renewed journal, Ultrasonography, is now being published in English and with open access from January 2014 (Volume 33, Number 1), that is, with the full text of all articles freely available online ( It is still published four times per year: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 with ten or more papers including original articles, topical reviews, pictorial essays, and notable case reports in each issue covering state-of-the-art content. Ultrasonography also serves as a medium for cooperation among physicians and specialists from around the world who are focusing on various ultrasound technology and disease problems.